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  1.  Write a Java program to check whether a number is palindrome or not?
Answer:- So, First let's see what is palindrome. Palindrome is a phrase, word, number or sequence of characters that should be the same reverse as well.
For example:- 
The word  "radar" and the reverse of the word is also the same(radar). So Word radar is a palindrome string.
Number 12321 and the reverse of the number are also the same so 12321 is a palindrome number.

Let's write a logic to check whether the inserted number is palindrome or not using Java.

package com.codeforsolution.java.logical;

import java.util.Scanner;

public class PalindromeCheck {

public static void main(String[] args) {
int number, reverse = 0, tempNumber, remainder;
System.out.println("Enter a number");
Scanner s = new Scanner(System.in);
number = s.nextInt();
tempNumber = number;

while (number != 0) {
remainder = number % 10;
reverse = reverse * 10 + remainder;
number = number / 10;
if (tempNumber == reverse) {
System.out.println("Number is palindrome");
} else {
System.out.println("Number is not palindrome");




1. Enter a number
Number is palindrome

2. Enter a number
Number is not palindrome

Here is the link to a YouTube video for the same program:-  Palindrome Check program

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